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Mama Mina Estate coffee – a particular pleasure!

In our hotels, we serve a coffee that has no only a a special flavour but also an intriguing story behind it: Mama Mina Estate coffee from the northwest of Nicaragua, where a German family once established a coffee plantation.

It’s our habit to go that extra mile in discovering exceptional specialities for our guests, to make your holidays unforgettable in every way. With Mama Mina Estate we have found a new, select product that perfectly suits our preference for individuality with special details and exquisite highlights. Whatever the time of day or year, Mama Mina is a coffee that always offers exceptional aroma. A coffee with a story behind i

A coffee characterised by an elegant, light fullness on the palate and a fresh, fruity aroma. Experts from the Berliner Kaffeerösterei who process our Nicaraguan bean are equally impressed: ‘It’s remarkably harmonious, and has a gently earthy, spicy taste.’ This coffee grows slowly at an altitude of over 1,300 metres in mineral-rich soil. According to Andreas Giest at the Berliner Kaffeerösterei, ‘this leads to the bean developing a rich and complex aromatic structure while the caffeine and chlorogenic acid levels remain moderate, resulting in a smoothly digestible coffee.’

Both the coffee and the plantation, which is located in the Jinotega region, are both named after Mina McEwan, the Scottish grandmother of the current owner. McEwan married the son of Dr Bruno Mierisch, who had travelled from his native Germany to Nicaragua to explore the country’s gold producing areas for the government of the time. But once he got to Nicaragua he became fascinated by the 'red gold' of the coffee berries and beans.

And from this came the Mierisch-McEwan Estates, which are still owned and operated by the family, with a stringent eye to social responsibility and a thorough approach to conservation. The farmers and their families, for example, can buy supplies from small shops on the plantation for less than in the nearby town of Matagalpa.

A socially responsible coffee producer

During the coffee harvest, workers’ children are looked after in a daycare centre that provides recreational and educational activities and a midday meal. On the plantations, where there are also public schools, the company contributes to teachers’ salaries and to the costs of teaching materials. Overall, the Mierisch-McEwans Estates support these children from nursery level to their sixth year of education.

These exceptional conditions are made possible by the fair trade structure in place: producers sell the coffee directly to the end customer, generating increased revenue that is fed right back into the plantation’s social and environmental systems. In choosing Mama Mina coffee, Travel Charme is supporting the ‘fair trade’ concept.

And a clear conscience makes your coffee even more enjoyable, as our expert coffee roasters in Berlin can confirm: ‘The careful, manual handling of the beans makes a huge difference. This approach starts right from when the berries are harvested by means of ‘selective picking’ and goes right through to the most assiduous preparation techniques, when the beans are washed.’ The plantations use small-scale hydro stations and biogas, reducing their CO2 emissions levels.

The coffee berry residue is carefully composted, reducing reliance on artificial fertilisers. And the plantations are growing more and more native trees alongside their coffee plants, which helps counter soil leaching and erosion, and the effects of a monoculture.
Quite simply, all this adds up to a coffee that smells exquisite when served up to our guests. A coffee carefully roasted in the Berliner Kaffeerösterei, an artisanal venture where high-quality raw beans are processed in smaller machines, so that their aromas and taste are preserved and refined. A coffee of character, with a unique background, which is treated with the respect it deserves.

Find out more about how this coffee from Nicaragua ends up in our hotels, and savour our attentively prepared Mama Mina coffee drinks in any Travel Charme Hotel.
Exploring the roots of Mama Mina coffee: A journey to Nicaragua.

Coffee drinks:


Caffè crema

Unlike filter coffee, caffè crema is brewed in a percolator or espresso machine. This method, which uses pressure, produces the characteristic ‘crema’ from the coffee oils which give this drink its name.


Espresso and espresso doppio

‘Espresso’ means fast, at high pressure, which is how this classic is brewed. This releases a strong aroma but relatively little in the way of tannins or bitter compounds. The espresso ‘doppio’ is doubled, for two shots in one cup.

Espresso macchiato

‘Macchia’ means spot or dollop, so espresso macchiato is an espresso with a dollop of milk foam, which makes for a milder, creamier drink.


This coffee composition is made up of one third espresso, one third milk and one third foam. In Italy it is generally drunk only at breakfast, but makes a creamy delight at any time of day.

Caffé latte

Caffé latte is longer and milder than a cappuccino, as it contains much more hot milk as well as the espresso. It also features a distinctive topping of foam.

Children’s cappuccino

The children’s version of a cappuccino is of course free of caffeine: instead of espresso we mix hot cocoa with milk, not forgetting of course the special milk foam topping. Chocolate powder is sprinkled on top for added sweetness.

Nicaragua to Berlin: the journey begins.

Once they're meticulously harvested, the Mama Mina coffee beans, still at the green stage, are transported the 6,000-odd kilometres to Berlin. After their Atlantic crossing they are processed at the Berliner Kaffeerösterei using a special method exclusive to Travel Charme, and made into three excellent varieties.
The roasting makes the difference: from excellent to exquisite.

The Berliner Kaffeerösterei has methods just as special as its products. Rather than industrial-scale coffee roasting techniques, these experts use a low-temperature roasting process. Mama Mina beans are roasted at around 180°C for about 20 minutes. This makes the coffee more aromatic and more easily digestible. This process gives the Mama Mina beans their familiar dark colour.

A founding member of the Deutsche Röstergilde (German Roasters’ Guild), the Berliner Kaffeerösterei has created a new quality mark for coffee. The criteria for approval are a fair market price, encouragement of sustainable practices in the country of origin, and quality in the production of roast coffee. Criteria which of course fit Mama Mina to a tee, and three good reasons why Travel Charme opted for the Mama Mina Estate and the Berliner Kaffeerösterei.

Once roasted, our coffee is sent on another journey, this time to the Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts.

Coffee blends

Three ways to be unique: Mama Mina coffee.

Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts are the final destination for Mama Mina coffee for now, ready to offer a taste you won’t find anywhere else.

But the journey doesn’t have to end here. This unique highland-grown arabica coffee is available in three delicious varieties to take home with you, in a 150 g can or 250 g packet – a cup full of holiday memories every time.

Mama Mina Estate Coffee
Pure harmony: The elegant, full taste of 100% Mama Mina coffee, for a mild, aromatically fruity cup.

Mama Mina Estate Espresso
A global mixture: 58% Mama Mina coffee blended with varieties from Indonesia, Africa and South America for a delicately aromatic espresso.

Mama Mina Estate Café Crème
A consummate blend: 61% Mama Mina coffee with other choice coffees from South America make for a creamy coffee with a floral fragrance.

Coffee by the slice: our original Mama Mina coffee cake
Finding out so much about this unique coffee makes you hunger for another kind of exceptional coffee experience. So to round off our coffee break, we have one more exclusive in store: why not take your coffee by the slice, with our tasty original Mama Mina coffee cake!


  • 200 g dark chocolate
  • 75 g butter
  • 150 g sugar
  • 5 tbsp finely ground Mama Mina coffee
  • 4 tbsp strong brewed coffee

Make a cup of coffee with three teaspoons of Mama Mina coffee to one cup of water (filter method). Take 4 tbsp of coffee from this, add to the other ingredients above, and melt slowly. Leave the mixture to cool.

Further ingredients

  • 2 lightly beaten eggs
  • 200 g dark chocolate (roughly chopped)
  • 105 g flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Stir these ingredients into the above mixture till a dough forms. Bake in a springform pan for 25 minutes at 190°C. Now drizzle the rest of the coffee over the cake.

For a sweet topping use ready-made chocolate icing or for a less sugary finish melt the icing and mix in 4 tbsp of finely ground Mama Mina coffee. As an alternative, mix in a shot of cognac.

Our serving suggestion: Decorate this Mama Mina cake with coffee-flavoured chocolates.

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