Bathe in inspiration and ease

A hotel with rich history, alive bathing culture and cosmopolitan vibes. A meeting point and a source of inspiration. A place where contrasts between old and new are celebrated. Filled with carefree lifestyle and soothing lightness.

For a sense of community.

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How does an old bathhouse transform into a modern lifestyle hotel without losing its original charm? Book your stay now and discover what happens when 'Once upon a time...' merges with the modern zeitgeist.

At a glance

Here's what you'll find at Hotel Badeschloss:

  • Prime location at the Gasteiner Waterfall 
  • Heated rooftop infinity pool 
  • 3 saunas boasting views above the valley
  • 102 individual rooms & suites 
  • 2 bars, one restaurant
  • ski equipment room, free public shuttle bus

Included in the daily rate

Healthy, hearty breakfast, free mini-bar beverages (non-alcoholic), spa & sauna

102 brand-new rooms and suites, designed to embrace the various aspects of grand bathing culture. Spacious, comfortable beds with separate mattresses ensure restful sleep. The minibar with complimentary, non-alcoholic drinks ensures you won't be left high and dry even at night. At Auntie Heidi restaurant, a comprehensive breakfast with regional and international specialties awaits you each morning. Many items are of organic quality, and numerous healthy food options are available for an energizing day. The three-story Alpine Swim Club with sauna area and rooftop infinity pool is the ideal place to immerse yourself and let yourself drift. Complimentary tea, water, and fruit are provided for you.

Why you should bathe with us

The Concept of Water

As refreshing and invigorating as the first swim stroke. You enter Hotel Badeschloss and immerse yourself in a world where bathing is celebrated. Healthy by tradition. Modern. Because it's fun: the Alpine Swim Club. On three floors with a magnificent view over the Gastein Valley.

A Philosophy of Vitality

Togetherness. With friends, family, like-minded individuals. At Hotel Badeschloss, everyone speaks one language – and it's called wellness. With a focus on physical and mental well-being. And good, healthy nutrition. Restaurant Auntie Heidi takes care of that with Soul Food and cosmopolitan street food that brings happiness.

"Wir sind made for the future
Once upon a time
Memories of them
Looks like promises of cadillacs and glam"

Directions: set course for the new lifestyle htel at the heart of the Straubingerplatz

Hotel Badeschloss is located right on the legendary Straubingerplatz in the heart of Bad Gastein. Drive directly by car or take the train to Bad Gastein station. The nearest airport, 75 kilometers away, is Salzburg. We are happy to arrange transfers for you. The closer you get to Bad Gastein, the more spectacular the landscape becomes. Upon arrival in the Gastein Valley, your gaze wanders between the waterfall, impressive mountain massif, and the ensemble of buildings on Straubingerplatz. The motto is to look up! Nearby hiking and skiing areas such as Bad Hofgastein, Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel, Sportgastein, Graukogel, and Dorfgastein-Großarltal are perfect for this.


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