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Your vacation happiness in the mountains

Are you looking for vacation bliss that is completely adapted to your personal needs?
In the apartments of the Werfenweng mountain resort amidst an impressive mountain scenery, vacation dreams come true - namely yours. Here, between impressive peaks and lush mountain meadows, you will find freedom, individuality, and countless possibilities. No matter whether you travel with your whole family, if you want to spend hours full of love and romance, or even to move your center of life, including your home office for a longer period of time to the Salzburger Land, thanks to extraordinary equipment and flexible additional options, the Werfenweng mountain resort vacation apartments offer perfect conditions that easily adapt to your personal wishes and ideas.

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Mountain Love

65,00 Euro


Tingles on the skin, passionate kisses and burning desire – spend sensual hours together with your favorite person in our Bergliebe apartment. Take a tantalizing bath together, stir up your blood with the cocktail set "Getting Drunk Together" and pamper each other with a massage on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. With guilt-free pleasure, you can give new momentum to your love life by using the in-room Polaroid camera to capture memories of your intimate moments. Amidst the mountain panorama of the Salzburg countryside, the Bergliebe Apartment is the perfect place for lovers to float together on cloud nine.

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The first vacation moments

60,00 Euro


The first cry, the first smile, the first crawls - the first months of a child's life are full of firsts and are exciting for the whole family, even the precious but often also exhausting ones. High time to escape from everyday life and find relaxation for young and old on a vacation in Werfenweng. Young families can enjoy their first vacation moments by capturing them for eternity using the Polaroid camera provided in the room. Geared to the needs of new parents and with exclusive furnishings made of all natural materials, the apartments offer space for your carefree family happiness. With this, the first family vacation will be worry free and unforgettable!

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3-generations apartment

40,00 Euro


No matter if it is for a special occasion like a round birthday or just to spend time together as a big family, in our large vacation apartments there is easily room for 3 generations. While discovering the numerous board games together, you plunder the snacks and capture your exciting experiences with the Polaroid camera provided in the room. Create shared memories of your unforgettable family vacation in Werfenweng. 

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