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Active in the Harz Mountains

The Gothisches Haus Wernigerode is the perfect location for your holiday in the Harz Mountains. It doesn't matter what time of year you are with us, you are sure to find your holiday experience. We have put together a small overview of various activities in and around Wernigerode.

Activities - Magical moments in the Harz Mountains

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The colourful, multi-faceted town in the Harz

Our Gothisches Haus is located right next to the town’s market square and town hall. Explore the historic town centre with its carefully restored, wonderfully colourful and very special half-timbered buildings, including the Schiefes Haus, the Kleinstes Haus and the Krummelsches Haus. An absolute must-see attraction is the fairy-tale Wernigerode Castle and the castle gardens, which are part of the national ‘20 years of Saxony-Anhalt Garden Dreams’ project. The circular ‘Harz Garden Dreams’ hiking trail provides a great opportunity to combine a visit to the castle, terrace gardens and pleasure garden with a scenic hike.

Attractions in and around Wernigerode

  • Rides to the Brocken via the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway
  • Guided tours through the railway depot: every Friday (excluding public holidays), discover fascinating technical monuments on a guided tour through the impressive workshop facility from 1926, measuring 70 m long, 25 m wide and 11 m high. Advance booking recommended
  • Harz in miniature – the ‘Little Harz’ miniature park in Wernigerode Bürgerpark (recreational areas, themed gardens, lake promenade, animal enclosure, observation towers and mineral gorge -> perfect for a day out with the whole family)
  • Aviation museum: four hangars, 6,000 m², with a disused Transall on the roof -> plenty of aviation technology for visitors to touch and marvel
  • Krell Forge, dated 1678: this imposing half-timbered building bearing a horse’s head is still home to an operational forge today. It’s not a museum but rather a craft workshop, with blacksmithing courses available to book
  • Harzplanetarium & the ‘Planetenweg’ trail: information and experiments on the sun's path, the phases of the moon, cloud formation and more. The ‘Planetenweg’ trail starts at the sun at Heltauer Platz and ends at Pluto at the Harzplanetarium. Long route: 6 km/three hours’ exploration time, short route: two hours’ exploration time.
  • Escape rooms: three puzzle rooms currently with four different games, as well as an extraordinary town game


High up in the Harz

There’s plenty to discover for hikers and nature-lovers. A visit to Harz National Park and the Brocken – the highest point in Northern Germany – is a unique experience.  The summer solstice plus a circular hike up to the Brocken plateau, with views of the sky in all directions, is sure to open up some beautiful new horizons. The Brocken Garden is home to 1,500 high-altitude plants from around the world, which you can marvel at from May to October on guided tours. Discover new things on the Brocken summit tour with the national park ranger, run on weekends and public holidays. The Brockenhaus museum is home to an extensive exhibition on the history and natural world of the Brocken.

Nature experiences around Wernigerode

  • The Brocken spectre: a mystical natural phenomenon
  • The highest stamp point in the ‘Harz Walking Badge’ network
  • The Brocken, which you can reach via the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway or six designated hiking trails
  • Well-signposted hiking trail network with a total of more than 9,000 km
  • themed hiking trails, e.g. the Harz Witches’ Trail or the Green Belt, which you can tackle with or without a tour guide. Some trails are also suitable for children
  • The ‘Harz Walking Badge’ network, with a hiking passbook and 222 hiking stamp points
  • The ‘Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus’ charcoal mill
  • Stalactite caverns
  • Above-average number of dams and reservoirs
  • Numerous mines to explore

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Adventures for active people

Active guests and adventurers are sure to get their money’s worth in the Harz. The Titan RT suspension bridge, measuring 483 m long, stretches across the Bode reservoir and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding area from 100 m in the air.

Directly below the suspension rope bridge, another exciting experience awaits you. The ‘GigaSwing’ is the most spectacular pendulum jump in Europe. Either alone or on a tandem jump, the Harz’s very bravest visitors take the leap into the void. After an exclusive free-fall experience, guests swing leisurely back and forth before being pulled back up to the platform.

Highlights for adventurers

  • Five high-ropes courses and chairlifts (two in Thale, one in Bad Harzburg, Hahnenklee (Goslar) and Braunlage)
  • Three summer toboggan runs, Monsterrollers, BocksBergCarts
  • Mountain-biking & downhill routes: Bikepark Braunlage, Rosstrappen Downhill (Thale)
  • Paradise for motorcyclists and classic car and convertible drivers – towering mountains, deep valleys, plenty of winding routes with brilliant views
  • Four climbing forests
  • Segwaytours
  • Crude Ziesel electric vehicles: tours or action in the 6,000 m² off-road park
  • Guided climbing tours and climbing courses, as well as taster days
  • Balloon rides, paragliding, sightseeing flights

Culture - World Heritage Sites in the Harz Mountains


In 1994, this castle complex, comprising the renaissance castle, St. Servatius Collegiate Church with its famous cathedral treasure, the thousand-year-old St. Wipertikirche crypt and the ruins of the Marienkloster, as well as the historic Old Town with its 2,069 half-timbered houses from eight different centuries, were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites owing to their extraordinary cultural significance.


The thousand-year-old town of Goslar is located on the northern edge of the Harz mountains and, thanks to its historic character, cultural treasures and beautiful town centre, it is a popular holiday destination among tourists and culture vultures. In 1992, Goslar’s Old Town and the Rammelsberg ore mine were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rammelsberg ore mine is the only mine in the world to have been in continuous operation for more than a thousand years. Today, visitors can experience various tours and great events at the museum and exhibition mine. An equally exciting attraction is the Imperial Palace of Goslar, which was built between 1040 and 1050 under Henry III and is now home to an extensive exhibition on the history of itinerant rule in the region. The Imperial Palace is a unique monument of secular architecture, and the heart of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor, who died in 1056, is still there, buried under a grave slab in the adjoining southern chapel.

Upper Harz Water Management

The world’s largest and most important structure of ponds and ditches, and the essential power source for the Upper Harz mines. It supplied hydroelectric power, which was mainly used for extracting ore and operating the pumps. 107 ponds, 310 km of ditches and 30 km of underground watercourses are preserved to this day, of which 65 ponds, 70 km of ditches and 20 km of watercourses are actually still in operation. On hiking trails and narrow paths, in mines and at the ZisterzienserMuseum at Walkenried Monastery, visitors can discover this very special World Heritage Site, where culture and nature come together.

The Romanesque Road

The Romanesque Road is a scenic route more than 1,000 km long that leads through Saxony-Anhalt. Notable stops on the Romanesque Road in the Wernigerode region include the Halberstadt Cathedral & cathedral treasures, Drübeck Abbey, St. Servatius Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg, Ballenstedt Castle and Michaelstein Abbey in Blankenburg.


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