Südstrand Bar

A warm welcome

Where’s that spot, you ask?

At the Südstrand, we conjure up a cornucopia of classic cocktails, modern creations, draught beer, lemonades, well-tempered wines and our tasty Nordperd tapas, which we bring straight to your favourite spot.

It may be on our terrace in the warm light of the setting sun, in a cosy beach chair, in front of the fireplace in the orangery or at the bar with your mates. Wherever you decide to relax, we will keep your taste buds entertained.

After-dinner cocktail, fine digestifs from Scottish distilleries or gin from Störtebeker Brennerei. We’ll bring them straight to your favourite spot.

If you like it shaken and stirred, ask for our Bahama Mama, Horseneck, Moonwalker, Caipirinha Original or Lynchburg Lemonade. We are always happy to share our recipes with you.

Südstrand Bar

Opening hours
8:00 pm to 11:00 pm  Drinks and cocktails

Unwind your mind and let the holiday feeling wash over you.

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