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Holiday feelings, mini-adventures, happiness in a jar

In the new edition, you will learn how to add little adventures to your life, so you can be surprised by a rush of those wonderful holiday feelings every day. If you put our tips for everyday mini-adventures into practice with gusto, then we’ll also tell you how to preserve them for eternity – as jam-jar moments. Our tips will show you how to create happiness in a jar, so that you can keep the memories handy at all times.

Do you love a big hearty breakfast as much as we do? In the new issue of Reisezeit, we not only present the regional breakfast we offer at our hotels but also share our favourite and healthiest breakfast ideas with you, for you to make at home. You will also get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the Travel Charme year in 2020. Read the exciting story about when our apprentices took over, discover some new favourite books and podcasts, and so much more! 

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You’ll find new articles and useful tips for travel, art, culture and lifestyle. Of course, we also share exciting news from our hotels, as well as information about the latest wellness and culinary trends. Curious? Then check out and enjoy our Reisezeit blog!

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