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Yoga with AMY & OM

Your time for you.



1. Morning Yoga – 30 Minutes

For energy and vitality | Perfect for those who have trouble getting going in the morning.

Body: After lying down for a long time, the body is usually stiff. This makes it all the more important to wake it up holistically with gentle movements and prepare it for the day ahead.

Emotions: A brief look at yourself in the morning helps you to consciously notice how you are feeling today in order to both give space to negative feelings and thereby weaken them, and to strengthen your positive feelings.

Intention: At the same time, you can choose a positive impulse for today.


2. Yoga for a Healthy Back – 30 Minutes

To strengthen the back muscles | Perfect for those who often have back pain or suffer from tension

Body: Backpain is usually not caused by a damaged spine, but by the surrounding muscles. They suffer from sitting for too long and moving too little to compensate. Therefore, it is all the more important to strengthen, stretch and loosen your back muscles and stabilise your abdominal muscles as a counterbalance.

Soul: In addition to lack of exercise, psychological stress also has a major influence on back pain. Yoga comes in here, too. By breathing consciously, you can bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Intention: You lovingly turn to your back and strengthen it both physically and mentally.

3. Yoga for Flexibility – 25 Minutes

To stretch the whole body | Perfect for those who feel inflexible

Body: We often put one-sided strain on our bodies and neglect our flexibility. With this yoga session you stretch the most important parts of your body. This way, you get to know your limits better and gradually give your body more room to move again.  

Emotions and spirit: Stress and emotions are often trapped in the hips. By performing exercises that open the hips, you can release blockages and free up emotions. Just what you need to face a fast-paced, challenging routine with ease.

Intention: You become more flexible in your body and more flexible in your soul.

Important: Make sure to sink into the postures mindfully. Do not force anything, rather repeat the sequence. You will start to feel your physical limits shifting.

4. Yoga for More Compassion – 25 Minutes

To open the heart | Perfect for the self-critical

Body: If you had unpleasant experiences in life, it could happen that you close your heart. In today’s yoga session, you will hold certain stretches longer and support your body in building trust and opening the heart again.

Emotions and Soul: A closed heart leads you to be very critical of yourself. Today’s yoga practice places high emphasis on a benevolent inner attitude. This makes it easier for you to develop compassion for yourself as well as for other people.

Intention:You open your heart and find compassion.

5. Yoga for Inner Peace – 30 Minutes

To stabilise the body and soul | Perfect for those who feel challenged and stressed in everyday life

Body: We rush through the day and expose our nervous system to permanent overstimulation. If this becomes a frequent state, the body produces cortisol and we feel tense, restless and often cannot sleep. This yoga sequence, characterised by standing postures and bending forward, will help us find grounding, centring and stability again.

Soul: In addition, we are exposed to so much stimuli and information every day that our minds are heavily overloaded. Therefore, it is all the more important to take our attention away from all the external attractions every now and then and turn our consciousness inwards. And that is exactly what we do in this yoga flow. We calm our minds with twisting poses and bending forward – today in my beautiful garden.

Intention: You centre yourself and find rest.

6. Evening Yoga – 30 Minutes

To calm the body and soul | Perfect for those who have troubles falling asleep

Body: After a long and tiring day, our body longs for rest and relaxation. In this yoga session, we stay in the postures longer to help our body release muscular tension and to calm our nervous system. This is the best way to prepare the body for a restful night.

Soul: A head full of worries does not sleep well. That is why it is so important to end the day with positive spirits. During this yoga flow, we repeatedly direct our focus on what went well today and open ourselves to joy and gratitude.

Intention: You end your day feeling good and will sleep really well.

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