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Mindfulness with AMY&OM

Find your way for more serenity and self-love.


More serenity, more self-love, more time for yourself

"Mindfulness is not difficult, we just need to remember to do it." - Sharon Salzberg.

Mindfulness - a seemingly simple yet meaningful concept that is the foundation of meditation.
Anne shows you all the steps for more deceleration, self-love and serenity and all you need is peace and a desire to try.

Don't let stress stand in your way and start your first mindfulness practice today.


1. Mindfulness in the office

  • 5 simple exercises to relax when stressed at work

2. Mindfulness for stress

  • Prevent chronic stress through perception and assessment

3. Mindfulness of worrying thoughts

  • When the mental carousel turns backwards

4. Mindfulness with unpleasant feelings

  • 5 steps for a healthy handling of emotions

5. Mindfulness in pain

6. Mindfulness in daily life

  • 5 tips for success


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