Yoga & Mindfulness with AMY & OM

Your time to pause, take a breath and do yourself some good.

Together with Anne-Kathrin Stitz, founder of AMY & OM, we have developed a yoga & mindfulness video series for you. Anne is a trained yoga teacher with a focus on Hatha and Yin as well as an MBSR trainer according to Jon Kabat-Zinn. Anne has been practising mindfulness in the form of yoga and meditation on a daily basis for over 4 years - with the aim of creating more space for stillness, awareness and compassion in this fast-paced performance-oriented world.

Anne’s classes will help you to:

Strengthen your physical health by using different movements to activate your body and make it more flexible.
Enhance your mental health by using mindfulness to raise your awareness and quiet your thoughts.
Slow down your life by giving more space to silence in your life again
Cultivate your compassion by learning to know and love your own limits again.

What you need: yourself :o) and a mat. Let's go!

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