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Sports icon, coach, family man

For many people, Sven Hannawald, who, in 2002, became the first ski-jumper to win all four days of the Four Hills Tournament, is a brilliant role model. However, he’s not just inspiring people from up on the ski-jump to take a run-up, leap and soar through the air again but also in everyday life.

As a coach in stress management, slowing down and mindfulness, Sven acts as your travel companion on your journey to find yourself. He can help you learn how to find courage and chase your dreams again – and to live a more fulfilled and happier life every day as a result.

Keep your vacation feeling also in everyday life!

Dear Traveller,

One moment or one decision can be the start of something great. Now is the time to take your dreams seriously and to set out on a path towards a mindful and inspired life. I invite you to join me and Travel Charme on that path. I will show you how to take the first steps, gain momentum, make the leap and, finally, fly high in your own life.

I am Sven Hannawald, your travel companion, as you head towards a new, slower, more conscious life with less stress and more mindfulness. We will start the journey together at the Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts – the perfect places to stop and be calm and mindful.

Through my ‘COURAGE to pause’ series, I want to be your Empowerer and motivator. I want to help you regain your enthusiasm and confidence in the areas of your life where you need them most

As your Dreamcatcher, I will show you how to remove stress and baggage from your life and focus, instead, on confidence and gratitude. Together, we will catch your dreams and make them come true – step by step and at your speed.

At our mind and motion health camp, supported by prestigious coaches and doctors, I will help you become the director of your own life again. In workshops, individual discussions and your own retreat time, we will show you how to reduce stress, anxiety and overloading in your work and your personal life, and how to use simple coping strategies to restore the balance you need.

All you need is a little courage to take the first step. Great things await you – let me show you what they are.

Your Sven Hannawald

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