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Your holiday in the Kleinwalsertal

The charming valley on the German-Austrian border

The Kleinwalsertal valley in the Austrian Allgäu Alps is located at an altitude of 1,086 to 1,215 metres and is surrounded on three sides by peaks that reach heights of more than 2,000 metres. The unique Walser culture is a particular highlight of the valley.

To this day, the architecture, language and traditional costumes bear witness to the special history of the Kleinwalsertal valley. Discover the diverse wonders of this charming mountain valley and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful Alpine regions.

Activity holidays know no bounds in the Kleinwalsertal

In the summer, follow 185 km of hiking trails that wind through the flower-strewn mountain meadows. Seven mountain railways, in both Germany and Austria, make ascents easier and can even help you conquer some of the peaks.Get a ‘Mountain railways included’ ticket and there’s nothing to stop you crossing the border and enjoying a holiday in both countries.


Located at an optimal altitude of between 1,100 and 2,500 metres and close to some of the most well-known peaks, such as the Grosser Widderstein, the Kanzelwand and the Hohe Ifen, this region appeals to those looking for a gentle hike, as well as more active mountaineers.

A total of six food huts are on hand in the Kleinwalsertal if you’re in need of refreshments and will give you a taste of local rural life, with their offering of mainly regional and seasonal dishes.

Award-winning cuisine in the Kleinwalsertal

The award-winning cuisine in the Kleinwalsertal is packed with culinary highlights and has wonderful regional specialities to offer. The influential Gault-Millau restaurant guides award rankings to high-quality restaurants with a system of ‘toques’, or chef’s hats.

There are currently no fewer than seven Gault-Millau-listed restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal, and the one with the most awards, namely three ‘toques’, is located in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel. Sascha Kemmerer serves sophisticated dishes made from mainly local ingredients in his award-winning Kilian Stuba restaurant.

The Travel Charme Hotel in the Kleinwalsertal

Welcome to the Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal: The Travel Charme Ifen Hotel is located at the heart of the Kleinwalsertal and is the pinnacle of hospitality. Alpine architecture featuring local woods and other exquisite materials creates an authentic atmosphere and, together with the attractive pampering programme, guarantees a thoroughly relaxing holiday.

The 2,300 m² PURIA Premium Spa in the only 5-star hotel in the Kleinwalsertal is packed with pampering opportunities and offers magnificent views of the Walser mountains. Take a swim in our ‘Bergsee’ with its 18-metre indoor pool and outdoor hot tub, build up a sweat in any of the various saunas, indulge in the wonderful pampering treatments or enjoy some time out in the saltwater sound pool.


Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

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