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Where great stories begin.
Then as now, a place where important personalities, imposing architecture and unique grandeur come together. Now the legendary Straubing Grand Hotel shines in new splendour and is ready to add further chapters to the history of your company.

Our service

Five function rooms with space for up to 100 people provide the perfect setting for your event. Exclusive meetings, workshops, board meetings or other events - our diverse options and professional service will make your event at the Straubinger Grand Hotel an extraordinary success.

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So that your event is a success...

Customised planning

  • Anything is possible! Customised planning according to your ideas.

Rooms & spaces for every occasion

  • Working atmosphere with a touch of holiday feeling.
  • A variety of rooms for different occasions.

Unique location for creative ideas

  • Historic Grand Hotel, renovated and given a modern interpretation.
  • In the centre of urban flair and surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Inspiring surroundings by the waterfall and anchored in the rock.

Professional partners

  • We work together with various partners to organise your individual activities. Guaranteed professional support for your individual activities.

Our Rooms

Straubinger Hall

The big stage for big moments.
The place where historical elegance becomes tangible. Offers 200 square metres of space for up to 100 people.


Straubinger Salon

Intimate atmosphere for events in small groups.
Perfect for meetings and events where the focus is on each individual. Offers 12 square metres of space for a maximum of 10 people. Note: The lounge is only separated by a curtain.

Straubinger wine cellar

Home to hidden treasures. 
Mysterious ambience in the historic vaulted cellar. With its 50 square metres, it is ideal for small meetings and events with up to 40 participants.


Straubinger Vaults

The place for special events.
Can only be booked in combination with the Straubinger Wine Cellar. 65 square metres of space with room for a maximum of 40 people.


Our event packages

Half-day Event package

Full day Event package


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