Nestled alongside the iconic waterfall, the natural forces of the environment heighten the holistic approach to your well-being within the Straubinger Spa. The unlimited view from the rooftop infinity pool will release you and your thoughts from the grip of time and space.


  • Pool: 7:30 am - 9 pm 
  • Sauna: 11:30 am - 9 pm
  • Spa treatments: 10 am - 8 am
  • Gym: 24h
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Physical, mental and active elements, combined with inner life essentials, form the four pillars of enhanced well-being. Seven distinct and harmonious themed spaces (Vitality, Relaxation, Love Your Age, Massages, Beauty, Detox, and Nutrition) work hand in hand to holistically boost your physical and mental well-being.

Our treatments are based on European medicine and centuries-old, proven practices from other cultures, in combination with scientific knowledge and the purposeful use of specialised high-tech equipment.

Our goal? To imbue you with a holistic sense of well-being. A fusion of inner serenity and outer radiance. Of healthy souls and strengthened minds. All of this unfolds in the seclusion of our Straubinger Spa – your sanctuary – where only you define the boundaries.

Seven themed spaces for your holistic well-being: Vitality, Relaxation, Love Your Age, Massages, Beauty, Detox, and Nutrition.


  • Heated rooftop infinity pool overlooking the waterfall and the valley
  • Finnish Sauna (90°C) and organic mountain herb sauna (60°C)
  • Relaxation area with panoramic views
  • Gym with high-quality equipment
  • Six treatment rooms and four spa suites
  • Taytibe Signature Treatment (exclusive in Austria)
  • Premium natural cosmetics from Rohini, the green luxury line by Pharmos Natur
  • Personal trainer available on demand


Indoor and outdoor spaces converge harmoniously at the Straubinger Spa on the hotel rooftop. The tranquil influence of water and the boundless horizon impart a sense of renewal as you float in the infinity rooftop pool at this heritage-rich location. The historical Straubinger bathing experience is reborn through the restoration of the original bathtub.

Six treatment rooms, four spa suites, two saunas (90° Finnish sauna and 60° organic mountain herb sauna) and the ice fountain are certain to rejuvenate your energy. The relaxation area with a balcony and views over the valley serves as a serene retreat. In the gym, state-of-the-art equipment or a workout with our personal trainer will help you forget about everyday life.

Exclusive treatments

Love your age! Aging is as natural as nature itself. Therefore, we do not fight the natural forces. Rather, we harness their beauty and energy, transforming them into your luxurious experience through our tailored treatments.

Book once, everything included. For stays of at least 3 nights, you can book our exclusive Love your Age package as an additional service with just one click during the booking process. The curated combination of selected treatments optimally promotes natural skin and body functions to counteract the ageing process. In addition to two different facials, an evening primrose body pack and a detox body scrub, two Slimyonics treatments and a guided meditation await you.

Love your Age

Signature TAYTIBE treatment

Our signature Taytibe treatment, offered exclusively at the Straubinger within Austria, is a perfect homage to the human body. The novel treatment for preventive care combines acupressure, pressure point massage, and elements of sound and silence. A power package that revs up the metabolism, restores effective lymphatic circulation, balances the sense of equilibrium, fortifies immune cells for enduring health, provides inner tranquillity, and allows you to enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

Winter Splash

Dive radiantly into the snow
- for HER & HIM

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Seasonal treatments

Treat your skin to an exclusive quick rejuvenation before or after your winter adventure. Our 35-minute treatment pampers your skin with highly effective, nutrient-rich substances. This helps your skin withstand the winter cold, leaving you radiant after your winter excursion.

Our special treatment provides intensive care, preparing your skin optimally for winter conditions or revitalizing it after a day in the snow. The carefully selected active ingredients supply your skin with everything it needs to be well-prepared against the cold.

The treatment lasts for 35 minutes and is now available at the special price of only €57. This offer is valid until March 25, 2024. Treat yourself and your skin to this soothing break and start the winter season radiantly!

A relaxing treatment at the Straubing spa

It doesn't matter whether you call the surroundings of Bad Gastein your home, stay in another accommodation or simply take a nice trip to this spa town. Relax with a soothing wellness treatment in the Straubing spa and leave everyday life behind you.

If you are visiting us for a relaxing day at the Straubing Day Spa, you can park free of charge in the multi-storey car park by the waterfall. Or use our optional valet service: simply drive up to the main entrance of the hotel and let us know at reception.


By using natural cosmetics and life-enhancing products from Pharmos Natur, we support your inner and outer beauty. The unique aspect of the Rohini green luxury line is its natural composition from selected sacred rejuvenating and healing plants, which initiate the process of cell regeneration without the addition of water, alcohol or citric acid.

The skincare line is available in only a few beauty parlours and luxury hotels around the world and is just as exclusive as the treatments we offer and tailor to your needs. Rohini delves into Vedic mythology and embodies the favourite woman of the moon, a creature of charisma, beauty and incredible attraction. The fusion of ancient Indian scriptures and legendary anecdotes in the story of the venerable Straubinger will take you to a world that will create lasting moments during your stay.

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