More energy for more creativity.


Inspiration and relaxation at the Baltic Sea, the Harz Mountains or in the Alps.

Change the environment and move your office to the coast or the mountains. Work outdoors and get new energy and new ideas in nature.
In our Travel Cahrme hotels you will feel how beautiful working can be!

Workation at the Travel Charme Hotels

In our Travel Charme Hotels and Resorts we draw a line and break down the supposed separation between work and holiday and unite them into a perfect symbiosis: Workation. Combine the best of both worlds and experience productive work with a relaxing stay in the midst of beautiful landscapes on the Baltic Sea, in the Harz Mountains or in the Alps.

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Why Workation?

Our modern working world offers us many new freedoms. For many, rigid structures and fixed workplaces are a thing of the past. Our digital age makes it possible for us to do what seemed unthinkable in the past: to move our workplace to where we really feel comfortable.

Numerous studies have shown: New perspectives and a changed environment promote creativity, reduce stress and increase productivity at work. A workation stay spent together is also wonderfully suitable as a team-building event, strengthens the cohesion of colleagues and improves internal communication processes. So work and holidays are by no means contradictory, but complement each other perfectly.

Your new sources of inspiration

Book your room and gather new energy.

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Your new place of work?

Recharge your batteries, get inspired and boost your creativity when you move your office to one of our Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts.

What are the benefits of Workation

  • Workation promotes creativity
  • Workation increases productivity
  • Workation serves to reduce stress
  • Treat yourself to some time out in nature every now and then
  • Relax in the PURIA Spa and treat yourself to some time off
  • Power up in the fitness room

Your office is everywhere - off into nature

In the midst of flowering alpine meadows, on the beach at the Baltic Sea or in the alleys of Wernigerode - your office is wherever you want it to be.
Experience the power of nature and simply relocate your workplace to the countryside. Our local colleagues will be happy to provide you with the best tips on hidden places and other worthwhile destinations in the vicinity of Travel Cahrme Hotels & Resorts. 
Explore nature and feel how calming working outside the office can be.

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