TAYTIBE at the Grand Hotel Straubinger

Bad Gastein, 22 January 2024 - Guests and external visitors who are interested in an exclusive spa experience that is unique in Austria are in just the right place at the Grand Hotel Straubinger in Bad Gastein. This is because spa manager Kirsten Schiemann offers the TAYTIBE treatment, which has been developed over many years.

Origin and content of the TAYTIBE

Spa manager of the Grand Hotel Straubinger, Kirsten Schiemann, travelled around the world and gained experience with the centuries-old knowledge of Eastern medicine and the latest scientific findings of conventional medicine. TAYTIBE is the resulting, optimal symbiosis for health prophylaxis. The treatment is a new technique consisting of acupressure in the meridians, pressure point massage and sound & silence. It stimulates the metabolism, allows the lymph to circulate effectively again, balances the sense of equilibrium, activates the defence cells for health, ensures inner peace and enables deep sleep.

How the TAYTIBE works

"The approach of health-promoting treatment is that treatment should take place before illness. In other words, in principle there are no diseases. There are only energy blockages that persist over a longer period of time and have an effect on the organs. It is therefore advisable to use TAYTIBE as a preventative measure," says Kirsten Schiemann. The various stretches and pressure movements on the acupuncture points not only have a positive effect on mobility. Poor posture and general movement restrictions can be alleviated or even disappear completely. TAYTIBE can also help with sleep disorders and nervousness caused by everyday stress. People who are plagued by migraines have also had good experiences. By stretching, pressing and kneading in combination with the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, the guest experiences "ancient healing touches".
This massage technique is practised in loose clothing (kimono, fisherman's trousers) on a comfortable Foton in the atmospheric vaults of the Grand Hotel Straubinger. The price per treatment is 187 euros, takes 90 minutes and can also be booked online for day guests.

Further information can be found at www.travelcharme.com/hotels/straubinger/wellness.

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